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T Chai

Curious about everything that has to do with trains, T Chai is energetic, easy-going and passionate about serving passengers. He helps promote polite behaviour and safety, with the hope that everyone can have enjoyable and safe MTR journeys.


Birthday: 15/03/2019

Personality: Energetic, passionate about his job, goal-oriented, creative

Career: MTR service ambassador

Interests: Anything to do with the rail, including collecting train models and memorabilia. Always one of the first to use newly opened rail lines and stations

Dreams: To become a role model for MTR passengers

Green T Baby

Birthday: 13/02/2023
Personality: Friendly, passionate, caring, creative, full of vitality
Career: MTR's Green Ambassador
Interests: Travelling with my pet, Little Pinwheel and taking part in different green activities
Dreams: Sharing all creative ideas and tips to incorporate eco-friendly practices into our daily lives. Let's work together for a greener future!

K T Chai

K T Chai’s signature is his windswept hairdo. An optimist and an adventurer, he loves the outdoors and travelling and makes a popular travel buddy. His favourite thing to do is to ride the Airport Express and immerse in its speed.


Birthday: Secret (Well, younger than T Chai)

Personality: Adventurous, fun-loving, curious, enthusiastic, righteous

Interests: Sightseeing, photography, rap, Tabata

Dream: To be a polyglot pilot and to get 100 million likes on social media

Captain Go

Captain Go is a professional high-speed train driver. His orange outfit is inspired by MTR’s “Vibrant Express”. During his free time, the captain travels around on the rail, looking for new attractions and delicacies in different parts of China to share with everyone.


Birthday: 15/01

Personality: Passionate, easy-going, hospitable, reliable, efficient, driven

Career: High-speed train driver

Interests: Riding the high-speed rail in search of fun, food and photo spots, spontaneous weekend getaways

Dream: Travel around by rail and be a China rail guru

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